ICT Laboratories

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Company Profile

Registered Name ICT Laboratories, Inc.
Established June 10, 2004
CEO Shoichi Yaegashi
Business IT Consulting
Systems Development
URL http://www.ictlab.jp/
Inquiry Please contact us.
Head Quarters
   Address    Five-Building Hatchobori,
   4-14-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku,
   Tokyo 104-0032, JAPAN
Hanamaki Office
   Address    Hanamaki Business Incubator,
   1-3-5 Oodori, Hanamaki-shi,
   Iwate 025-0092, JAPAN

Company History

2004Established as Information and Telecommunication Technologies Japan, Inc.
Provided due diligence service for major telecom operators with technical investigation in telecommunication facility and computer system.
2006Altered the company name to ICT Laboratories, Inc. with the intent to expand its business domain towards broader area of information and communication technologies.
2006Designed, implemented and delivered a server platform for a major telecom operator of mobile communications.
2007Provided a mobile communications operator with a large-scale email delivery system.
2010Developed and launched SMS distribution system.
2014Established Hanamaki Office to meet growing needs.

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